Hedge Trimming Auckland

Many Auckland homes are lined with some kind of hedging. Hedging can keep out the noise, wind, and intruders, provide privacy and create the illusion of different spaces in your garden. However, hedging requires maintenance to keep them looking in the best shape and height. It can be tiring for property owners to trim their hedges. Not everyone has the right trimming equipment for the job, and they end up with badly cut hedging.

At Limb to Limb, we have a team of professional arborists who specialise in hedge trimming in the Auckland region. We are experienced in small shrub trimming and large hedge trimming in Auckland. Our arborists have long, extendable hedge cutting equipment which generally means they'll be able to trim hedging to a height of 2-3 metres above the ground. Our hedge trimming equipment also includes high ladders and powerful hedge trimmers which allow our arborists to trim your hedging nicely in a short time.

Hedge Trimming Auckland

Tree And Hedge Trimming

What are the benefits of Limb to Limb hedge trimming services?

1- Your safety
2- Environmental benefits
3- Social benefits
4- Economic benefits

Apart from keeping your house looking pretty, hedge trimming in Auckland’s tightly packed urban area is a smart precaution against storms. Frequent hedge trimming in Auckland will prevent broken branches from damaging your property. Regular hedge cutting from our professional arborist gives your hedge the perfect shape and finish, and ensures your hedge grows as intended (rounded, straight or with squared corners).

Manicured hedges and shrubs are also more sustainable and environment-friendly than manufactured fences. Moreover, hedge cutting services improve the health of the plants.
You would enjoy social benefits from our hedge cutting services as nicely trimmed hedges are more visually appealing, provide soft screening and privacy, and improve the quality of urban lifestyle.

Hedge Cutting Services

Proper trimming can prevent hedges and trees from overgrowing, improve lighting on your property and the tree, and enhance the tree stability in windy conditions. Usually, you will need tree and hedge trimming every 4-6 months or at least twice a year. This will give the hedge and trees plenty of time to have a bit of growth without looking overgrown. A general rule is the more often you have a tree and hedge trimming in Auckland, the better your tree and hedge will look because a tree and hedge trimming encourage the shoots within the tree or hedge to branch out and fill in to form a dense screen. Summer is often a good time for a tree and hedge trimming in Auckland as the climate will allow the cut ends to heal quickly.

Our hedge trimming services provide a perfect finishing touch to your garden and add value to your property with beautifully trimmed hedges. We offer competitive pricing in our service of hedge trimming in Auckland. We provide complete hedge trimming services, and also can prune and trim your trees. Whether you are having trouble taming your shrubs or your trees are growing in an unsightly manner, you can count on us to help you out. We provide complete hedge trimming in Auckland throughout the year and can schedule regular hedge trimming services if you prefer.

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