Landscaping Auckland

Limb to Limb is not just a tree arborist we are also a landscaping company that landscape gardens in Auckland. We provide landscaping in Auckland and can customise our landscaping service to meet your unique needs. You can arrange a one-off or regular landscaping services with our experienced landscaper who can help to keep your garden looking beautiful and tidy. At Limb to Limb, our landscapers are highly experienced and well versed in all aspects of landscape garden and can landscape Auckland properties that were originally planted by ourselves or by others.

Choose a landscaping company that understands how to landscape a garden and take care of the trees and hedges. Limb to Limb landscapers and arborists are here to provide you with our one-stop service.

Landscaping Auckland

Landscape Garden

You can benefit greatly from hiring a landscaper from Limb to Limb. Here are five reasons why you should choose our landscaper to landscape your garden.

1- Health benefits - studies show that being surrounded by plants improves mental health as being outdoors can help relieve your stress and enhance concentration.
2- Higher quality of living - if you landscape your garden to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing, you are likely to spend more time with your children outdoors which generates a sense of happiness and family fun. Or you can entertain yourself or your guests in your garden with the beautiful scenery your landscaper has designed.
3- Nature preservation - professional landscaping companies can help you preserve nature and conserve natural resources such as soil quality, air, and even water.
4- Stop eroding - retaining walls can prevent erosion and reduce the amount of soil that ends up in waterways. Proper grading and drainage can reduce stormwater runoff and help prevent flooding. And planting native trees, flowers, and plants, not only provides a sustainable environment for local birds and wildlife, it helps combat climate change. Yet another great reason to landscape your garden.
5- Beautiful landscaping in your Auckland backyard is an investment - when you install permanent landscaping fixtures in your garden such as patio, deck or outdoor kitchen, they provide long-term benefits too. For example, if you want to sell your house in the future, functional and aesthetically pleasing landscaping with your Auckland garden would add value to your property.

Landscape Garden Services in Auckland

Our professional landscapers take pride in delivering high-quality landscaping services and garden maintenance for residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Auckland area. Limb to Limb landscapers also offer ongoing general garden maintenance for rental properties, investment homes, private properties, and commercial properties. We can help with all aspects of garden maintenance and landscaping in Auckland including, weeding, mulching, pruning, clearing and fertilising through to tree planting, transplanting, and tree removal - you name it.

Whether you are looking to improve your street appeal, increase your home’s value, or landscape your garden with a unique style, Limb to Limb is the landscaper you need. Our specialist landscapers can provide a second opinion on a quote you’ve received from another landscaping company and can offer a custom landscaping design tailored to your requirements. Request an onsite visit or a quote for landscaping your Auckland property today.

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