Mulch Auckland

At Limb to Limb, we offer tree chipping and garden mulch in the Auckland region. Tree chipping in Auckland is a common way to reduce tree limbs after they have been cut or have fallen after a storm. Our tree chipping Auckland service involves shredding down these tree branches through our wood chipping machines. Mulch is made from the wood chips and is used as topsoil to help regulate the amount of moisture in your garden’s soil.

Tree chipping is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to reduce tree waste as wood chipping can be used as mulch in your Auckland gardens and help to regenerate your soil. We highly recommend you to place a layer of mulch during Auckland’s dry winter months to improve growing conditions. Mulching is great for shrubs, trees, garden and plant beds. Having a layer of mulch during Auckland’s drier months can help retain moisture, improve plant life and growth, decrease the number of weeds present, aerate very compact soil, and encourage the nutrients in the solid to become more productive. Other benefits of placing mulch in your Auckland garden include immediate usage of cleared land, minimal damages to roots of surrounding trees, and minimal to no bush piles or stumps afterwards.

Mulch Auckland

Garden Mulch Delivery

Our tree arborists provide tree chipping in Auckland, and we can chip the tree limbs and branches for you. You can choose to have your tree chipping cut into smaller wood chips as garden mulch for your Auckland garden and plants, or we can take the wood chippings away. Be rest assured that we will leave the site clean and tidy with no leaves left behind!

If you have branches or trees that already are cut down, and you would like us to chip them and mulch you Auckland garden, we can bring our wood chipping machines to your property.

Mulch your Auckland garden beds and new plantings to help with:

  • Plant growth
  • Moisture retention
  • Temperature moderation
  • Weed control.

Tree Chipping Auckland

Garden mulch looks great when spread around your property. It gives your home a quick and easy professional landscaped finish. Mulch your Auckland garden with wood chips from your tree chipping or with Limb and Limb’s mulch delivery

Do not worry if you don’t have tree limbs and branches from tree removal or tree trimming. Limb to Limb can order mulch delivery from our supplier and send them to your Auckland home. At Limb to Limb, we sell garden mulch in Auckland at competitive prices. We supply the highest grade of mulch to Auckland homeowners, schools, and businesses. We process the mulch delivery quickly and ensure you get the best mulch from untreated timbers. You can use the mulch in Auckland’s drier months, for your garden, plant beds, school playgrounds, or in construction areas.

You can order your mulch delivery by sending a message to our email We provide mulch delivery Auckland wide. Please contact us for pricing and availability of our wood chippings.

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