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At Limb to Limb, we offer tree planting service to NZ residential and commercial property owners. Native planting and transplanting trees in NZ are not as easy as they may seem. Our arborists advise clients on best suitable trees for a specific location, the organic soil and planting materials that the tree needs, the correct depth to plant the tree, and the conditions of the surrounding ground, water flow, buildings and other trees. Ideally, May to September is the best period for native planting and transplanting trees in NZ where the soil is moist. Our director, Joe Scott, has an Advanced Certificate in Horticulture from MIT and is knowledgeable of plant species, best native planting conditions for each species, and best months for transplanting trees in NZ. We highly recommend you to seek professional planting service in NZ if you decide to plant out of the season, or if you are a beginner gardener.

Get in touch with us today about your native planting and tree transplanting requirements, and our expert arborists can fix you with a custom planting service in NZ.

Planting Service New Zealand

Transplanting Trees NZ

Once native planting or transplanting is complete, our arborists will advise on the best care to ensure ongoing plant growth, through to the future care of the trees such as trimming, pruning, and formative pruning to maintain aesthetic beauty and tree health. If your tree has outgrown its location, or you would prefer the tree relocated elsewhere within your property and tree is still of easily re-relocatable size, please contact us. We provide professional arborist tree transplanting services in NZ.

Limb to Limb arborists take extra care in our planting service in NZ because we want to eliminate any problems the tree might have after planting or transplanting. Thus, our planting services in NZ involve the checking of:

  • Root zone moisture and irrigation
  • Location of new tree planting
  • Size of tree
  • Resilience to the stresses of tree transplanting
  • Correct season to support tree transplanting

Transplanting Trees NZ

Native planting or transplanting trees in NZ require special attention because the wrong tree in the wrong location could lead to future problems such as outgrowing the space, infection from insects and diseases, or poor growth. Limb to Limb offers professional planting service in NZ to ensure the right tree is planted and it will be in harmony with its surroundings, adding value to real estate and enjoyment for generations. We also offer to transplant trees in NZ to help the trees find the right location for their health and growth.

Transplanting trees in NZ can be very complicated and difficult, especially if you have a large, tall tree. Our industrial transplanting machines allow us to provide extensive planting service to NZ property owners for trees of all sizes. It is our goal to have the transplanted tree established in its new location very quickly giving the appearance of having always been there. Therefore, we take extra caution in assessing the risk of transplanting during the preparation stage, transporting the tree and caring for it after being replanted.

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