Tree Removal Auckland

Limb to Limb Tree Care can provide one-off or scheduled commercial tree care services and specialist tree services for property owners. Our commercial tree care service and specialist tree service include health and risk assessment, tree management and maintenance of your tree assets.

Commercial tree removal in Auckland can be done in various ways, depending on the size of the tree or access to the tree. Tree removal in Auckland can be difficult and dangerous work due to the limited space on the property. Our highly trained tree removal Auckland arborists use rope systems to prevent damages to your house. Our experienced arborists are capable of performing technical climbing and pruning to improve the structural integrity of your trees. Limb to Limb Tree Care can assist with all sizes of tree removal in Auckland including felling a tree by rigging and lowering parts of the tree to avoid any damage to your property. We can also attain council permits to work on protected trees if necessary.

Tree Removal Auckland

Commerical Tree Care & Felling

There are various situations where you may require tree removal Auckland service to fell a tree on your property, especially when they may become a danger to the occupants of the property if not removed. The reasons could be because of :

  • The tree is dying or has dead branches.
  • The tree being is affected by storm damage.
  • Dangerous overhanging branches on houses or power lines.
  • Pests or diseases have overrun your tree.
  • The tree is in the way of your landscaping plan or is too big for your garden
  • The tree may be consuming too much of the soil’s nutrients, depriving your other plant life.
  • The root system is damaging your house’s underground foundation, uneven grounds or lifting pavements.

Commercial Tree Care

One of the challenges of tree removal in Auckland is removing the stumps. Our commercial tree care service can take care of the troublesome stumps for you and help remove entire trees or branches. Our arborists ensure that your property and other surrounding trees are not damaged throughout the tree removal in Auckland. After job completion, we leave your site clean and tidy, and we remove the waste from felling a tree or tree removal to avoid any tripping incident.

If you are looking for dead tree removal in Auckland, Limb to Limb is your expert tree surgeon with commercial tree care and specialist tree service. Contact us today to get a free quote on your next tree removal Auckland project.

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