Tree Stump Removal

Limb to Limb offers tree stump removal service to grind unwanted tree stumps to dust. Stump grinding removes both the stump and the surface roots. A large cutting wheel with tungsten teeth is used in stump grinding to remove the stump and grind to below the surface of the grow. Usually, tree stump removal plus stump grinding will remove most of the roots, and the remaining roots will simply die and break down into the soil. We take great care in our tree root removal service, as rotting roots provide the perfect environment for insects and often becomes home to termites, ants and even underground wasp nests.

After felling a tree, it would be wrong to assume that the problem the tree had is also gone. A tree stump left in your garden is often the last remains of a tree-gone-wrong, i.e. a fallen tree from storm damage, a dead tree, or a tree infected by a disease. Leaving a tree stump behind not only is unsightly, but it can also pose a hazard to people and any future landscaping or building work.

Tree Stump Removal

Stump Grinding - Tree Root Removal Service

Tree and stump removal can be very challenging and dangerous. Without the right know-how and tree grinding equipment, this can be almost impossible to do. At Limb to Limb, we provide tree root removal, which is complementary to our tree stump removal service. Stump grinding is the most cost-effective way to remove stumps and minimise the amount of damage to your property. Grinding those tree stumps to below ground level frees up valuable space for sowing lawns, planting other plants, building a patio, or erecting a building.

Tree and stump removal is a highly specialised job that not only requires proper training, but also specialised stump grinding equipment to ensure the tree stump removal is safe and efficient. Therefore it is important that you hire a specialist from Limb to Limb to help you with stump grinding in Auckland. At Limb to Limb we specialise in all aspects of tree and stump removal – our professional, experienced team are trusted experts in stump grinding in the Auckland region. We are experienced in both restricted access tree stump removal and large stump grinding in Auckland.

tree root removal service

A stump and its roots can remain alive long after the tree is cut down. Depending on the type of the tree, the tree can regenerate or the roots can continue to grow around the stump and deep into the ground, causing damage to its surrounding concrete/landscaping and underground plumbing.

Tree and stump removal can reduce the chance of regrowth, make the area safe to walk and to mow the lawn, and leave the ground ready for landscaping or any other intended purpose.

It is our goal to create minimum disruption and mess after tree stump removal and stump grinding. We tidy up the site before we leave, and your property will look clean with little or no sign of the stump grinding equipment.

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